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SMART Circuit

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SMART Circuit


  • Do It Yourself projects
  • Interactive simulations
  • Real World Model templates
  • SDG Mapped Content


  • Working Voltage: 5 – 9V DC
  • Connector Type: Magnetic
  • USB power connector
  • 9×7 connector board


  • Flash Light
  • Hand Trimmer
  • Car Music Volume Control
  • Lift cabin safety
  • Fire alarm system



The Smart Circuit kit contains more than 50 DIY (Do It Yourself) projects with more than 40 interactive simulations and 10 real-world model templates and a colorful user manual with its easy-to-follow instructions, smart electronics kit gives a hands-on education in how electrical circuits work to run the everyday devices that they’re familiar with. They’ll also gain valuable lessons in building circuit design. This kit contains more than 12 electronic components, more than 30 magnetic blocks as well as more than 40 accessories for real model building along with dual power (USB + DC) which can be used to create many projects also no soldering is required.

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