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FAQ - Coding For kids Online

There are many coding websites available for kids in which they can learn to code for your Child
An example of a resource is Scratch, a programming language and online community where kids can share their creative work and engage with others who love to code.

The way that kids are able to learn coding online has many benefits. One of the big benefits is that is can be done anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it a lot easier for kids who don’t have the opportunity to learn coding in school. Not only is this a great choice for homeschoolers, but it is also a good option for kids who are homeschooled by their parents, have learning disabilities, or are too shy to go to a school.
Another one of the benefits of online coding for kids is that there are many different opportunities for them to learn about coding.

Coding is a new way to think and create. Coding is the next literacy of the 21st century, and learning to code can help students understand how to design and build software, and solve problems.

The benefits of coding are endless, but most importantly it teaches children problem-solving skills, computational thinking

I personally feel that coding is an important skill to learn because all around us there are technologies everywhere. They can be used for good, but they can also be used for harm. If we don’t teach kids about coding, then we are giving them a disadvantage in the future when they are trying to get a job in the tech industry. I agree that coding is an important skill to learn. It is a way for people to create their own programs and view them on a screen.