Discovery Motions

Discovery Motions

This course makes it easier for children to understand the basics of Physics. The concepts that they learn helps them throughout their learning process in science concepts.

Course Description

 Children build complex machines and mechanisms and see the advantage of one over the other. Moreover, they develop tremendous creator confidence in imagining and executing the output of their machine.

Skills: Fine Motor, Cognition, Creativity, Persistence

List of Activities:

  1. Car (Rectilinear Motion)
  2. Giant Wheel (Circular Motion)
  3. Rotational Motion
  4. Swing (Periodic Motion)
  5. Power Press (Periodic Motion)
  6. Waving Robot (Circular to Periodic)
  7. Crank and Slider (Rotational to Rectilinear)
  8. IC Engine Valve
  9. Geared Car
  10. Scissors Lift
  11. Rack and Pinion
  12. Dual Axle Gear Box (Force)
  13. Pulley

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