Learn Block Based Python

Block Based Python Course for kids

Block Python and AI for kids simplifies the art of coding for young minds, where with the help of the visual blocks students can experiment and create their own Graphics, Animation and Python Codes.

This Block python and AI programming for kids from Tinker Coders helps your kids elevate vital 21st-century skills like Logical thinking, Computational thinking, Sequencing and many more. This will not help students to pick up advanced coding courses in future but also will help to think critically and find solutions to problems.

There are no prerequisites to joining this Block Python and AI classes for kids. Students will be taught using our in-house built Platform AI Connect.

Course highlights

Live 36 Hours of Sessions

60 hours Self Learning Session

Fundamental of Python Programming

Create Graphics and visual Effects

Computer Version & Machine Learning

Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying computational thinking

Build Real World Applications like object detection, facial features detection, Animal detection etc.

LMS Access - Pre-recorded videos, Documents, Assignments, Codes

Course Summary

Group 48370

18 Monthly Hours

8 hours of Live Sessions.
10 Self learning Sessions.
2 live sessions per week.
Unlimited access to video and course library.

Group 48299

Program Duration

6 Months (covering all 3 levels)
Major project after every level for certification

Group 48371


3rd - 8th