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Developing games through Block Coding simplifies the art of coding for young minds.

Web Development Course for kids

Web development will be one of the most in-demand skills in the next decade. With 50% of the global population using the internet daily, it makes sense that tech skills will keep growing in demand. The amount of people using the internet is only going to increase. With web development classes for kids, you can turn their passion for devices or computer games into a learning opportunity.

Online web development classes for kids help them to design and develop websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming. Web design for kids emphasis on design thinking, students will solve real world problems and create variety of web projects like blogs, e-commerce, wiki pages and personal webpage with responsive pages and latest design trends.

Tinker Coders offer an online web development course for kids. The course is designed to teach children the basics of web development. Through various projects and exercises children will learn HTML, CSS & web Design Coding Classes. We provide the opportunity for children to learn at their own pace by testing their knowledge and giving them feedback on their progress.
In web development course, kids will learn how to create their own simple website using HTML and CSS. This course will teach them to use the basics of these languages, while they create and build their project.

Web development is an ever-growing field with a high demand for skilled workers. Web developers are in charge of designing and programming websites and applications.
There are many online courses that teach web development to kids, but they can be expensive and not worth the money if they don’t provide hands-on training.
A web development Classes for kids will teach them how to create websites and apps. It is a great way to introduce children to programming and computer science. This online web development course for kids is designed to help them learn how to code, design, and publish their own websites.

Course highlights

Live 36 Hours of Sessions


Detailed Coverage of HTML/ CSS

Bootstrap frontend framework for responsive website

Javascript for front end development

Object Oriented Programming

SQL Database Management


Deploying websites on cloud


LMS Access - Pre-recorded videos, Documents, Assignments, Codes

Course Summary

Group 48370

18 Monthly Hours

8 hours of Live Sessions.
10 Self learning Sessions.
2 live sessions per week.
Unlimited access to video and course library.

Group 48299

Program Duration

6 Months (covering all 3 levels)
Major project after every level for certification

Group 48371


9th - 12th

coding for kids
coding for kids
coding for kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Development for Kids is a web development course that is created to teach kids how to develop their own websites. In the course, they will learn how to code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They will also get the opportunity to create their own website and publish it to the internet. With this course, kids will be able to build their own portfolio website and learn valuable skills that are in-demand in today’s tech-centric world.

There are many benefits to web development courses for kids. For starters, web development courses are a great introduction to computer science, software development, and coding. Web development courses also teach kids how to create web pages and how to design websites. Web development courses for kids also provide the opportunity to develop a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Finally, web development courses for kids gives students the chance to sharpen their creative skills.

Web development courses are a great way to teach kids how to create websites and develop their computer programming skills. Courses are available for children of all ages. The most popular web development courses for kids are the free courses on Tinkercoders. Kids can learn HTML and CSS, Javascript, PHP, and more.

There are a lot of online web development courses for kids that can help them learn how to make their own websites. It is a good way for children to start learning how to program and it is also a good way for them to start learning about the web.Some of the Web development courses teach children the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while others offer more advanced lessons like making games or building eCommerce websites, etc.