Learn Textual Application Development

Textual Application Development for kids

In this application development course from Tinker Coders, We will learn how to create Android and iOS applications using Dart programming language.

During Textual Application Development Classes, your kid will learn the fundamentals of the Dart programming language. We will also cover advanced programming concepts like object-oriented programming, data structures, etc in Textual Application Development Course.

Textual Application Development course helps your kids elevate vital 21st-century skills like Logical thinking, Computational thinking, Sequencing, and many more. There are no prerequisites to joining this course.

This course covers real-life application development. At the end of the course, you will be able to develop mobile applications like Quiz application, BMI calculator, music player, weather application, and note keeper application, etc.

Course Summary

Group 48370

18 Monthly Hours

8 hours of Live Sessions
10 Self learning Sessions.
2 live sessions per week.
Unlimited access to video and course library.

Group 48299

Program Duration

6 Months (covering all 3 levels)
Major project after every level for certification

Group 48371


9th - 12th class