How technology-driven courses can help a woman gain leadership skills and confidence

Women’s Day 2021: Here are some ways how technology-driven courses such as AI and coding can help a woman gain leadership skills and boost confidence.

Gone are the days when women used to face challenges in terms of employment and equality as compared to men. Women of the 21st-century are moving into paid employment outside the home – something that their grandmothers and mothers have only dreamt of. There is now an increased number of high-profile women executives in the industry.

Women are becoming presidents of nations, going on space expeditions, acquiring high-profile jobs and whatnot. Women are also taking up jobs that used to be done only by men and are now more independent to make their choices and take decisions of their life.

Artificial Intelligence and coding

Despite the progress being made by women in the industry, it is even more important to motivating women to take up tech-related jobs and provide their contribution to the tech industry. Only 25% of all the IT jobs are held by women. And only 5% of tech leaders are women, which is significantly low.

Their indulgence in the tech industry will not only rise in the sector, but tech-skills can also help women to gain leadership skills and confidence. Since childhood, girls are expected to show perfection and are not encouraged to learn from their mistakes and failures. This instills a lack of confidence in them, which ultimately is a big blow to their budding leadership qualities.

In this ever-advancing generation, technology is not only helping mankind to thrive but also is motivating folks to take up good decisions and grow in their career. On the same page, technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Coding can help a woman to handle their failure, inherit confidence and leadership skills and make this world a better place to live.

Techniques to handle failure:

When you start learning to code, you experience a lot of bugs and glitches in your code. Many a time, you run out of patience and are not able to solve the task/project being assigned to you. Coding is an art, which helps you become resilient. In the technological sector, you have to work on design cycles – which again is a process requiring intelligence and resilience.

The industry expectations remain the same for all the genders, and it only cares about the timely completion of the project. This notion helps women to work with diligence and they feel motivated and confident as there are no gender-specific expectations.

Brings perseverance and dynamism

Working with technology and related jobs makes the professionals perseverant. Starting a career in the tech industry requires a willingness to take risks, be curious and put maximum effort. As you keep on thinking out-of-the-box, you look for more ways to reach your full potential, and eventually as you grow, you learn to deal with a lot of people. This directly works on leadership skills.

Critical Thinking

Learning to code and working with technology helps improve critical thinking skills. A good leader can foresee potential problems even before they happen. Anticipating results and situations is a quality of a leader and is especially important in mitigation.

Taking Initiative

Stepping out of comfort zones and challenging yourself to improve is something quite common in the tech field. You learn how to volunteer to take on more initiatives at your current position, which ultimately takes you to higher positions.

As it is rightly said by Steve Jobs, “Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”.

Though technology, coding, and artificial intelligence have an enormous scope in terms of job opportunities, it is even important to become a part of the global disruption as coding can be used to enhance 21st-century skills like Logical thinking, creativity, computational thinking, etc. Women should also adopt learning and acquiring technical skills to set new benchmarks in the industry.