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Game Development Course for Kids using scratch can unleash your child’s creativity. As more and more successful sessions are completed, a Game development Classes  for your kids online will improve conceptual and computational skills using a straightforward yet effective building block approach. Your child’s ability to think creatively, logically, and systematically increases.

Developing games through Block Coding simplifies the art of coding for young minds, where with the help of the visual blocks students can experiment and create their own games, animations, and stories.

Mobile Game development Course for Kids provide them with a platform where students can experiment and create their own games, animations, and stories to simplify the art of coding for young minds.


Online Game Development classes for Child can improve critical 21st-century skills like logical reasoning, computational thinking, sequencing, and many more with the help of Tinker Coder’s Coding courses for kids. This will help students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, apart from preparing them for future advanced coding classes. There are no prerequisites required to enroll in this course. Scratch is open-source software that will be used to teach the students.

Playing video games was considered a time-wasting pastime. Mobile Game Development Course for kids online today help children develop their creativity, problem-solving abilities and social skills by serving as an educational and social tool. Eighty percent of males (ages 8 to 11) say they play video games every day. Today, the gaming profession is real. Video game designers bring stories to life. It includes more than just technology and other academic fields. The benefits of Game Development Design classes for kids come with academic and financial success.

Course highlights


Live 36 Hours of Sessions

60 hours Self Learning Session

Fundamental of Block-Based Programming​

Create smart & fun games

Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games

coding classes for kids

Create animations & Cool visual effects

Build Real World Applications like Super Mario, Ping-pong, Bike racing, Soccer game, and Minecraft

Certificate of course completion

LMS Access - Pre-recorded videos, Documents, Assignments, Codes

Course Summary

Group 48370

18 Monthly Hours

8 hours of Live Sessions
10 Self learning Sessions.
2 live sessions per week.
Unlimited access to video and course library.

Group 48299

Program Duration

6 Months (covering all 3 levels)
Major project after every level for certification

Group 48371


3rd- 8th

coding for kids
coding for kids
coding for kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Game development course for kids  is a creative process that can teach children problem solving skills and provide the opportunity to express their creativity. It also provides them with the chance to be exposed to the math and science that goes into creating games and can help them improve their Coding skills.

No, there is no risks in any form of game development for kids. The risks vary depending on the type of development.

Game development for kids is an excellent way for them to develop skills that can help them in the future
One risk is that kids may not understand that a game is not real. Kids may think they are going to get hurt when they play a game, or they may think they can hurt others in the real world when playing a game.
 Kids may also withdraw from other activities and relationships because they are playing too many games.

– The best way to get started is to find a tutorial or game that you enjoy and try to make your own version of it.
– Take a look at Unity’s tutorials for 2D games.
– Try using Scratch, Flash, or one of the many web-based game engines for kids.
– Find an open source game that you like and see if you can recreate it from scratch using a different language or engine.

One of the best ways to get started making games for kids is to play games that are already out there. We recommend these games as good examples of games that many kids enjoy and that are relatively easy to find:

Yes! Learning game development is a great way to build skills in problem solving, creative thinking, and hands-on tech skills.

Game development for kids is an excellent way for them to develop skills that can help them in the future. Game development for kids can be helpful in the following ways:

– encourages analytical thinking skills

– introduces the idea of teamwork

– teaches kids about the engineering process

– helps kids learn how to manage their time better

– teaches kids how to use a computer

– introduces the idea of computer programming