How the rise in the uncertainty of class 12th examinations affects students’ mental health in this pandemic

The second wave of the pandemic has again brought clouds of uncertainties over the Class 12th examinations. The board examinations of Class 12th hold an important value for a child as after completing their Class 12th, the students have to choose the right career path for themselves. They have to appear in many competitive examinations as well, where the marks secured in the board examination are also taken into consideration, like Delhi University, where you get admission in the UG courses based upon the merit achieved in Class 12th examinations. Delay and uncertainties in the examination is developing a sense of insecurity and anxiety among students, as they too want to complete their examinations successfully and look ahead towards their future. The mental status of a child is affected if he/she is put under tremendous pressure conditions. Many other countries are now looking for alternate ways to have the examinations conducted, so that the students are free from mental pressure and take a sigh of relief. The students who might have scored good marks in their pre-board examinations, must be looking forward to score even better in their board examinations. The students who have scored relatively low in their pre-boards must be acing up their preparation to get a good result in their final examinations. The government should now take an action to get the examinations completed for Class 12th, so that students can overcome their sense of insecurities in terms of their career.