Bluetooth Controlled 4 Wheel Robotic Car

Bluetooth Controlled 4 Wheel Robotic Car

  • Acrylic chassis Pair
  • Two dual shaft motors for either side
  • Universal castor to avoid slippage
  • Placeholders for different sensors, servos and modules
  • 4aa battery holder and required brackets, screws and nuts


This DIY 4 Wheel Drive Robot Chassis is the perfect mechanical platform for your robotics projects. This kit includes all the hardware and mechanical components required to build your robot, including motors, wheels, chassis, nut and bolts, etc. Just add your electronics – Arduino/Raspberry Pi and Motor Driver and you can start programming your robot. It offers a large space with predrilled holes for mounting sensors and electronics as per your requirement. This robot chassis lets you get your mechanical platform ready in minutes and quickstart your robot building process. Allows you to spend your time and effort on programming your robot rather than designing and fabricating your own custom platform.

Wheeled Robots are most popular robot platforms and are easy to run, maintain and use. Simple to build and program, this kit is the simplest robot platform. Highly recommended for beginners and novice users. Building robots using this wheeled kit is fun and a great learning experience too. This 4WD Robot Kit offers more speed, torque and better offroad capability copared to our similar 2WD Robot Kit. The 4WD Kit lets you go faster, carry more weight, and carry bigger load compared to the 2WD Kit. You can build line following robots, obstacle avoiding robots, maze solvers, and other robots using this kit.

We have carefully selected the high quality motor, wheel and platform combination for the best performance. All 4 Motors come with matching wheels and mounting hardware. The motors also include encoder discs to measure speed and the distance traveled by the robot. Since this is a very popular robot kit, numerous assembly and usage instructions are available on the internet. Assembly manual is included in the kit too.